Pottery & Decor

You’ve found a plant you love, now you need a pot to match your esthetic and décor. We’ve got you covered. Browse from an entire wall dedicated to pottery ranging from tiny 2” pots to large 20”+ pots. We carry ceramics, terracotta, wicker baskets, plastics, and so much more. Many pots and designs only carried by Westland as they are imported from various parts of Europe.

We carry frost resistant pots and massive statement pieces for use on your outdoor patio in the spring and summer months as well as decorative hanging baskets, railing pots, and a self watering collection.

Did you know that Westland carries tons of gardening accessories as well as home and garden décor? We have an entire wall dedicated to decorative wall pieces for indoor and outdoor use, a memorial section, a nautical/cottage themed section and a solar section! Our décor & accessories include, but are not limited to: shepherds hooks, trellises, animal statues, wind chimes, water fountains, and glassware. We are always getting new product in- let us know if there is something specific you’d like to see!