“Take Time To Smell The Roses”

On a warm June afternoon when the rich and delicate scent of roses fills your garden you know what
true gardening pleasure is.

When choosing the rose for your garden you need to consider the following:

  • Hardiness
  • Resistance
  • Variety
  • Is this a Canadian grown rose?

At Westland we buy from local suppliers and change our selection every year. This way we stay updated with the latest best rose bushes available. You will be guaranteed a strong, Canadian grown and hardy plant.

Remember when you are planning the addition of a rose to your garden- roses need a FULL sun location to thrive!  A rose can be a beautiful addition to your garden that can last generations.

Need help choosing?  Ask our knowledgeable Garden Centre Rose Specialists to help you!  We can help with types and varieties, planting directions, bedding planning and so much more!

Come in and browse through our NEW selection- coming in April!