Westland carries a full line of Fertilizers for all of your gardening needs.


  • So Green Starter- Fertilizer with Sod and Seed 2kg
  • Super Green Pelletized Gypsum
  • Granular Gypsum 8kg
  • Super Green Rose Food 2kg
  • Super Green Super Triple Phosphate 2kg
  • Super Green Aluminum Sulphate
  • Super Green Soil Acidifier 2kg
  • Super Green Rhododendron & Azalea Food 2kg
  • Super Green Horticultural Lime 2kg
  • Miracle-Gro   -All Purpose  1.7g / 680g
  • Miracle-Gro- Ultra Bloom 1.7kg / 680g
  • Miracle-Gro- Shake & Feed All purpose 2.04kg  / 454g
  • Miracle-Gro-Shake & Feed Ultra Bloom 2.04 kg
  • Miracle-Gro-Shake & Feed Tomatoes, Fruit and Veggies 2.04kg
  • Miracle Gro Garden Feeder  570g
  • Super Green All Purpose 500g
  • Miracle-Gro Quick Start 1.42ltr
  • Schultz liquid plant food 150g
  • Miracle-Gro All Purpose Houseplant Liquid  278g
  • Miracle-Gro Food Spikes For Houseplants
  • Jobes Food Spikes For Houseplants
  • Jobes Food Spikes For Lushes Ferns and Palms
  • Stim Root – 1, 2 and 3
  • Schultz – Orchid Food 150g-Cactus Food 138g-African Violet 150g
  • Winchester Gardens- Fruit Tree Fertilizer Spikes
  • MYKE Tree and Shrub Growth Supplement 425g
  • MYKE Veggie and Herb Growth Supplements 50g
  • Miracle-Gro Evergreen & Acid Loving Water Soluble 136kg
  • Miracle-Gro Evergreen Fertilizer Spikes
  • Miracle-Gro Tree & Shrub Spike
  • CIL All Purpose 1.7kg
  • Super Green Tree-Shrub-Cedar Fertilizer 2kg / 500g


  • Green Earth Compost Promoter 2kg
  • Super Green Urea(compost promoter) 2kg
  • Super Green Blood Meal 2kg
  • Super Green Bone Meal 2kg
  • Super Green Blood & Bone Meal 2kg
  • Earth Safe All Purpose Fertilizer 1kg
  • Earth Safe Flowers Fertilizer 1kg
  • Earth Safe Muskie Fish Emulsion Fertilizer 1kg
  • Acti-Sol Hen Fertilizer Pure Hen Manure
  • Organic Neptune Seaweed Plant Food 473ml


  • Tree Pruning Sealer
  • Spring Leaf Shine
  • Wilt Proof
  • Soil Moist Granules 84gr
  • Tools, Gloves, Landscape Fabric, Burlap, Watering Cans, Moisture Meter and so much more!!