Custom Planting

Due to current COVID-19 restrictions, custom planting is cancelled until further notice.

Westland offers a Custom Planting service to our customers!

Whether it is an indoor tropical arrangement or your patio planters, Westland’s creative team can assist you!

The process is very simple. For tropical arrangements just bring in your pot or choose from one of the thousands of pots at Westland, review your tropical plant choices with a garden centre associate and then arrange pick up. It is that easy! We will professionally plant your arrangement using the healthiest tropicals, fresh soils and finishings.

For patio planters just bring in your pots in May or June and speak with Nicole. Nicole will assist you in your choices for annuals right for your space. Then schedule your pick up date! Its that easy!

At Westland we have thousands of annual plants to choose from. Our creative planters are waiting to plant up your special patio pot!


Westland offers a great service to our valued customers- tropical plant re-potting and free advice. Bring in your tropicals, we will freshen up the soil and re-pot for you in your own pot (for a small charge) or you can choose from one of thousands of pots we have in stock.

Our plant experts can offer advice on problems, plant health and pot size.

See you in the greenhouse!