Westland Greenhouses supports many community groups with fundraising activities.  We support:

  • Educational Facilities
  • Religious Communities
  • Charitable Organizations
  • Community Initiatives

Spring Hanging Baskets

Fall Mums

Christmas Greens and Tropical Plants

Westland’s Fundraising Packages create great revenue for organizations. Westland offers the organization the wholesale prices of the products, the organization then sells coupons for these products at the retail price, and the organization gets to keep the profit! It is as simple as this: register for fundraising with Westland, Pass out the Fundraising Order Forms to Organization Members, Have the Members Sell the Product Coupons to their friends, and keep all the revenue for yourself!  Please call 519-238-1321 if you have any questions!

Hanger 2
Gorgeous Hanging Basket
Field of Mums
Field of Mums
Christmas Poinsettia
Christmas Poinsettia

If you would like more information about our annual fundraising campaigns please contact us!

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