Are you Worried About Salt Damage This Winter?

GypsumThis winter has been long, cold and required a lot of salt to keep walkways and drive-ways free of ice. De-icing salt has negative impacts on plant growth by making the soil water too salty for plants to tolerate, and ends up dehydrating them.

Pelletized Gypsum is a great option to help protect your plants from salty soil.

Pelletized Gypsum can help your lawn and garden in a few key ways:

  • By leaching out the salt
  • By conditioning the soil and increasing rooting depth
  • By providing extra Calcium and improving plant growth so that the “good” outgrows the “bad”

Pelletized Gypsum can be mixed into soil if your beds are open, but it can also be applied on top of the soil and watered in. One 2kg box can cover over 20 x 20 meters or lawn or garden!

Please ask a Garden Centre Associate for more in store information.

Happy Gardening!