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Anthurium Cylinder

Pack of 10

Anthurium Tall Vase

Pack of 8

Anthurium 4″

These 4″ Anthuriums boast an abundance of rich, green and healthy foliage.  Each plant produces glossy, heart shaped, long lasting blooms.

Great For Planters, arrangements and exotic specialty displays.

Available in Assorted Colours

Available in Bare Pot or With Seasonal Mylar

Pack 18

Anthurium 5″

These anthuriums possess large, heart shaped blooms with rich, dark green foliage. Excellent house plants. Blooms last 12-16 weeks and are great for tropical arrangements.

Available in a variety of colours

Bare Pot or With Seasonal Mylar

Pack 8 

Anthurium 6″

These stunning 6″ anthuriums illustrate a true tropical sensation!  Lustrous, green foliage with magnificent long lasting and large blooms these anthuriums are show stoppers!  Either in bare pot for large arrangements or with the seasonally dressed mylars, these anthuriums will dazzle all floral enthusiasts.

Available in Assorted Colours

Bare Pot or With Seasonal Mylar

Pack 8

Anthurium 8″

These magnificent 8″ anthuriums genuinely represent the exotic and tropical flavors of the rainforest!  Lustrous, large, green foliage with stunning, glossy, long lasting blooms result in mature plants that are the perfect addition to a tropical plant inventory.

Always available in Red Only

More colours available by season – call 519-238-1321 for more information

Pack 3