Time To Start Your Seeds!


As summer is slowly approaching we need to start thinking about our gardens. Whether it’s flowers or vegetables that you desire the time is now!!
We have all your needs here at Westland Greenhouses, from warming mats,pots,fertilizers and of course a great variety of seeds!!
                                               GETTING STARTED…
  • Choose your favourite annuals and vegetable seeds
  • Containers–Propagating kits are available here as well as cell packs and peat pots, if re-using your old ones make sure they are washed with soap and have drainage holes, also remember to label your seeds as they all look the same in the beginning stages.
  • Use fresh sterile seed-starting soil mixture,moisten soil about an hour before sowing.
  • Follow directions on seed packet as many have different instructions on how to plant!!
  • Keep in the moisture by covering with plastic dome or place in a clear plastic bag….lightly water before doing so.
  • Water very lightly when needed. At first sight of germination remove plastic covering.
  • Keep in a bright spot or under growing lights.
  • Fertilize your plants when they have two to three full leaves.
  • Take outside and plant away as soon as chance of frost is over.
 Come on in and ask any of our knowledgeable staff for help!!
                                        HAPPY PLANTING