Tidying Up Your Hanging Basket

All hanging baskets need sprucing up to keep their shape and the beautiful blooms coming.  Here are a few tips to keep your hanger looking fabulous all season:
  • Water– Whether you have a protected area for your hanger or it is out in the elements, it is important to keep watch to how much water your hanger is getting.  Too much will cause the flowers to rot and too little will cause the plant to wither up.
  • Dead Heading– For prolonged display of blooms it is best to perform a weekly dead heading.  While you are dead heading check your plants for unwanted pests like aphids or whiteflies- if you find any, treat with a quick spray of insecticidial soap.
  • Prune– Not all plants will be at peak blooming all season.  Cutting plants back after a flush bloom will tidy them up and prepare for a new crop of blooms.
  • Fertilize– Daily watering and prolonged rain (like we have had the last couple of days!) can leach out fertilizers before they are absorbed into the soil.  Feed your baskets a weekly 15-30-15 fertilizer.
  • Protect– Extreme heat can cause damage to your baskets.  Give them a vacation by moving them into a cool, shaded spot for a couple of days rest.
 Happy Gardening!