How to Start Seeds Successfully

If you are considering starting seeds indoors for this growing season, take a peek at the tips and tricks below. Starting seeds is very simple and gratifying, and with a little organization completely stress-less.

Materials Needed:

1. Seeds (You Pick!)

2. Starting Soil and a Tray or Seed Starting Pellets

3. Labels and a marker

4. (Recommended but not necessary) A grow dome that will ensure your seeds remain moist will you wait for them to germinate!

  • The first step is to read about the plant(s) you would like to grow. Certain plants are recommended to be started in January, while some perform best if started only 4 short weeks before the growing season. Also, you will find on the seed package the recommended planting depth, this will be important in the next few steps.
  • If you are using starter pellets ensure they are well soaked; if you are using a starting tray fill the cells about 80% full with seed starting soil (I highly recommend promix starting mix) that is moist but not soaked.
  • I recommend having your labels pre-made and ready so they can be placed in the tray AS you plant the seeds ¬†to ensure you place the proper tag with the proper seed
  • Now the fun begins! Place one seed at the top of each pellet and plant according to what you would like to grow. If it is recommended that you plant the seed ¬†greater than 1/2″ deep, use your index finger to depress the seed to the appropriate depth. If the planting depth is shallow continue to the next step once your are done placing your seeds.
  • If you are using Starter Pellets, gently smooth some soil over the seed, now you can place them in the growing dome and wait patiently for germination. If you are using the cell packs there is one short step left. Once all your seeds have been placed you “top dress” the cells with soil. Sprinkle soil in each cell that fills it to about the 90% full mark. Mist with water, place under growing dome and patiently wait for germination.

Happy Gardening Everyone!

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