Spring has Sprung and its time to get that Garden Ready!

Its the most wonderful time of the year! Its spring time! So, to make sure your garden and patio are in tip top shape for summer 2015 browse through these activities:

1. Clear away and compost the dead stalks of perennials that may harbour unwanted diseases and bugs.

2. Prune shrubs and small trees to maintain good form and vigour (except the few mentioned in our fall post about species that should be pruned in the fall. Click here if you would like to see this post)

3. Rake lawns to remove winter debris; this also helps aerate the soil.

4. Wash summer hummingbird and butterfly feeders thoroughly to avoid the buildup of harmful moulds and bacteria.

5. Clean out bird boxes to avoid diseases and pests (such as mites) that can harm feathered visitors to your garden.

7. Top up your mulch. Over the course of the summer mulch is worked into the soil by microbes and invertebrates, this is a great time to top up your mulch and maintain its weed suppressing, water retaining benefits.

8.  If you are interested in taking gardening to the next level, this is a great time to do any pH or nutrient testing. You can send soil into a lab, or buy home test kits. Once you have your results, apply the necessary amendments before the regular growing season begins.

9. Divide crowded perennials. While the weather is still cool and your plants are still dormant it is a great time to divide your perennials.

10. Remove any unnecessary stakes and relax the ties on trees that were staked last year. As your tree grows the diameter of the stem will increase, although you may have left some slack in the ties last year, if they plant has grown at all it may be too tight eventually girdle the tree.

Happy Gardening!!

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