Shrubs and Trees

Westland carries a wide range of shrubs and trees each year in nursery stock.  A huge selection of flowering shrubs, dwarf evergreens, standards and shade tolerant specialties.

Shrubs and trees are needed for all landscape situations.  Sometimes referred to as the back bones of the garden, shrubs and trees can provide vital needs in a landscape.

  • Windbreak
  • Shade
  • Screening and privacy
  • Increase of property value

There are three categories of shrubs and trees:

  1. Evergreen  (keeps their leaves all year)
  2. Broad Leaf Evergreen (keeps their leaves all year)
  3. Deciduous  (looses their leaves each fall)

Looking for ideas for your landscape plan?  Come in and talk to our professionals!

Our stock is locally sourced, we give free planting and landscaping advice AND we offer a one year satisfaction guarantee on all shrubs and trees purchased at regular price!

Need help choosing?  Ask our knowledgeable Garden Centre Tree and Shrub Specialists to help you!  We can help with types and varieties, planting directions, bedding planning and so much more!

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