May 2, 2013 How To Plant a Tree, Shrub or Perennial

How To Properly Plant a Tree, Shrub or Perennial

Now is the time to plant trees, shrubs and perennials!  It is important to know how to properly plant to assure the ultimate survival of your new plant.

Dig your hole 2 as wide and 1 1/3 as deep as the pot that the plant is purchased in.  Mix Multi-Mix soil into the hole and add water to the bottom of the hole.  Remove the plant from the pot and loosen up the roots on the sides and the bottom.  Put the plant into hole on top of the water.  Fill in the hole surrounding the plant with Multi-Mix and the soil that was originally in the hole.  Water well.  Keep freshly planted shrubs, trees and perennials well watered for the first season.

Ask a Westland Associate for more information on proper fertilization of newly planted gardens.

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