Keeping your Pansies Blooming All Growing Season


Keeping your Pansies Blooming All Growing Season

Pansies bloom in cooler weather. You can place your pansies outside when the nights are getting as cold as -10ºC. If you have your pansies outside when it is this cold, do not touch them until they have thawed out. If you do, you may break the stems and hurt the plant.  But your pansies will thaw, and they will grow once they warm up. We have a lot of questions about the difference between “Icicle Pansies” and “Pansies”. Icicle pansies are sold during the fall, but they are the exact same varieties that are sold in the spring, they just have a different name. So their care, their cold tolerance and their beauty are all the same!

Pansy Care

In early season it is fine to keep your pansies in full sun. You will want to fertilize them with a “Blooming Fertilizer” every 2 weeks to keep them happy and blooming. As the season warms up you will want to move your pansies to a cooler, shadier location. This will mimic the early spring and keep your pansies happy and blooming all growing season long! These pansies will be the first ones to pop up (by re-seeding) for you next spring.

Happy Gardening!