Innovative Watering Techniques to Help your Garden stay Gorgeous

We have had a lot of questions about how to keep your plants happy and well watered throughout the summer months. We are not always around, and we all deserve a vacation, so by following the next few step you should be able to keep your garden gorgeous all summer long.

Hanging Baskets
Oh behold the beauty of a hanging basket! But with all that plant coming from such a small amount of root, hanging baskets can require a lot of water. If you would like to extend the length between waterings on your hanging baskets, try using a drip saucer. A drip saucer works the same as a saucer for a normal plant
pot, it stops the water from running through the soil and draining quickly. You simply clip the saucer on your hanging basket, and all the work is done! All you need to from this point forward is ensure that the drip saucer does not hold TOO much water… Wow how quickly we can change things!

Trees and Shrubs
We all love adding new specimens to our gardens. But often we make snap purchases and find ourselves planting in the warmer spring and summer months. When you plant trees and shrubs during warm months it is imperative to ensure they are well watered. And trees and shrubs need a lot of water to have an impact on the plant. One way to make sure your trees and shrubs get all the water you give them is to build a “slow release watering system”. To build this system you will need two 5 gallon buckets. Take one bucket and poke 3 very small holes (less than 1/4 inch wide). Take this bucket and place inside the other bucket with no holes. Fill these buckets up with water. Take the filled buckets to your tree or shrub and take the bucket with the holes out and set it at the base of the plant. Watch as the water SLOWLY percolates through. This is the most effective way to ensure all the water reaches the plant roots.

Plants that require “Even” Moisture (Tomatoes, radishes, ect.)

This is best explained with a picture. All you need to do is build a similar reservoir and plant in the ground with your tomatoes. When you water, you just pour the water into the top of the resevoir and Presto Even Moisture!