How to Care for your Fairy Garden

fAIRY 1Fairy gardening is an awesome way for kids to learn about plants, and a great way for adults to connect with their inner child. We have gathered a few tips and tricks that can help you keep your fairy garden looking great all the time

First you should decide what type of light and what conditions are right for your fairy garden.  You should talk to your garden center representative when choosing your plants to ensure what your light should be and what conditions the plants prefer.

Indoor Fairy Gardens

If you have an indoor fairy garden it may or may not have drainage, so check the bottom of your pot and see if you have a drainage hole.

No Drainage Fairy Gardens:

When you want to water your fairy garden you should check the moisture of the soil beforehand. If there is moss covering the soil, peel some back and stick your finger in a couple inches. If you find the soil is damp and soggy, you should hold back on the watering of your garden, as it will become water logged. If you find that the top couple centimeters of soil are dry then you can add some water. When you water for the first time, add a small amount of water and let it settle for 20 minutes, check the garden again, if you find it is still not damp, add some more. Keep doing this until you feel that the soil is damp but not saturated.

Drainage Fairy Gardens:

Check the moisture level of the soil by sticking your finger in the soil a couple inches. If the soil is dry in the top couple centimeters then soak the soil of your garden thoroughly and allow it to drain. Check regularly for the moisture level, but allow to dry out a bit between watering.

Outdoor Fairy Gardens

If you have an outdoor fairy garden in a pot, it is highly recommended to have drainage because with rain, the fairy garden can fill up with water and drown your plants. The moisture level of an outdoor fairy garden should be checked at least once every 2 days in the summer heat. When you find the garden is slightly dry in the top couple centimeters, saturate fully and allow to drain.

Fertilizing Fairy Gardens

Because fairy gardens have a mixture of plants, an all purpose fertilizer is recommended. You should read and follow the label. If you have an outdoor fairy garden, follow the outdoor plant recommendations and if you have an indoor fairy garden, follow the instructions for houseplants.