The Campanula is an easy plant that is suitable for indoors or outdoors in the garden, on the balcony or patio.

The flowering time of the Campanula is during the spring and in the summer. The Campanula is usually sold when the plant is in bloom. The plant needs water three or four times a week; and preferably every day with full sunlight. When the Campanula is planted in larger pots with a lot of soil, large amounts of water can be added at once during sunny periods. In this way, the plant can last longer without immediate care. The Campanula requires plant nutrients once every two weeks. By removing the flowers that have finished flowering, you can enjoy the Campanula even longer.

In the spring you can plant the Campanula in a part sun to full sun spot in the garden. Use triple mix for planting. Let it die back in the winter. It does not need to be cut back. It will come up again next spring!!!