How to Help your Plants Recover from Storm Damage


Trees and Shrubs are often grown in tight quarters at the tree nursery. This provides them with ample wind protection, so the tree is not stimulated to develop a strong trunk. If you are finding that the trunk of your tree or shrub is not very sturdy, you can use a stake to support it during its first few years after transplant. Simply place a stake on either side of the shrub and tie the tree to the stake. Refer to the image below to see the proper way to tie your tree to the stake. Any velcro tape, grafting tape or plasticized wire is suitable for this job.



 Tomatoes, Peppers, Peonies and Other Large Plants are best staked with a tomato cage. This provides support for all branches from all directions. If your plant is already in the ground gather all the foliage as close to the main trunk as possible and slide the cage over the plant. If you have a young plant, simply place the cage over the plant and allow it to grow into the cage.


Broken Limbs on Trees

Many trees have had their limbs broken by wind or by other branches. Even though we prune trees, pruning is done at times when it is best for the trees (while the tree is dormant, and most pathogens are too). These exposed wounds can allow pathogens to enter and take over your tree or shrub. A prune sealer is a sterile paste that you apply to the wound on a tree and it will behave like a band-aid on our hand – it will cover the wound until the trees immune system has a chance to close the wound from the inside. The prune sealer does not have to be removed, it will be pushed off by the tree as it grows.



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