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Plant Hotel


When you think of a hotel, visions of warmth, comfort and no worries come to your mind.  With these thoughts in mind, welcome to our plant hotel!

What is a plant hotel?

Well Westland Greenhouses has a whole section of our greenhouse dedicated to over wintering tropical plants.  If you have a lush patio area and wonder how you will fit and care for all of these plants in the winter months?  Well look no further!  Westland’s Plant Hotel holds hundred of huge patio plants and many smaller pots from cottages and seasonal homes.  Between October and May our Plant Hotel is cared for by our garden specialists and each plant is tended and monitored to guarantee its health and wellness.

Cost- Starting at $7.50 per plant per month, it is easy to leave your cherished plants with the professionals at Westland!

For more information, please come in and speak to one of our garden centre associates.