How to Care for your Evergreens Over the Holidays

Care for your Potted Tree:

Potted trees can add such a beautiful effect to your home and then you can plant it outside and keep your holiday memories for years to come. To keep your tree happy and healthy it is important that you only keep your potted tree indoors for 10 days. Before you bring it inside an application of “Wilt Proof” to the foliage will help it keep hydrated and looking fresh! While your tree is inside you will want to ensure you keep it moist and hydrated; by watering the pot and misting the leaves occasionally. Once Christmas is over you can plant the tree outside in the ground, or you can keep it in a sheltered place (somewhere that the tree will not freeze and thaw multiple times before spring.)

Care for your Cut Tree:

Cut trees are such a Canadian staple! They smell and look great, and with a few simple care tips you can keep yours looking fresh throughout the whole Christmas season. Just like your cut flowers, it is best to make a fresh cut once your tree has arrived home. The fresh cut is necessary because it will remove all the tissue that has dried up and died and it will expose fresh live tissues that are ready to suck up all that water! While the tree is still outside you can apply a foliar spray like “Wilt Proof” to the needles, this will help the tree keep the moisture in its needles and stay fresh even longer! Once you have made a fresh cut and applied your “Wilt Proof”, bring your tree in and place your tree on the stand. You will want to check the water level in your stand daily, and adding a product like “Stay Fresh” will lengthen the life span of your cut tree.