How to care for your Anthurium


Anthuriums are beautiful blooming plants, and with a little special care you can keep yours blooming all year long.

Anthuriums need plenty of light, but no direct sunlight. So to keep your plant happy in your home you place it in a bright room with lots of light but in a place that does not recieve direct sunlight. A kitchen dining table is usually a good place to find these conditions! You can keep your anthurium as a beautiful patio/yard plant once night time temperatures stay above 14 degrees C. These exotic plants love light and Southern Ontario’s humidity and will thrive if you place them in a bright place, with no direct sunlight. Under a veranda  or a good shade tree would be the best place for your beautiful anthurium!

Anthuriums love humidity, but do not like to have their roots saturated. So you can keep your anthurium in a glass container with no drainage. About once a week you will lightly wet the roots at the surface,  pouring so much water that it runs through and fills up the glass to just underneath the roots.   This way as it warms up the water will evaporate and moisten the roots above. Just remember, your anthurium loves that humidity and it is important not to let it dry out!

Anthuriums bloom all year long, unlike most tropical plants. Because of this, we recommend you fertilize your anthurium throughout the year. You can use a liquid fertilizer (8-7-6) and fertilize every once every two weeks in the growing season (March – October) and once every two months from October until March.

Happy Gardening!

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