August in the Garden


We are in the middle of summer and the most important job for August is to enjoy your garden space!  Here are a few chores that can be done to keep everything looking its best for this month:
Trees & Shrubs:
  • Mulch the soil around the trees and shrubs to aid in water retention
  • Summer blooming shrubs should be pruned for shape AFTER they have finished flowering.
  • Apply fertilizer until mid-August
  • Keep inspecting for pests
  • Cut back now to encourage reblooming
  • Prune some of your favorite flowers to dry for future arrangements


  • Trim off old dead flowers
  • Stake tall autumn flowering varieties


  • Prune hybrid roses in late August to promote the most fall blossoms- remove about 1/3 of vigorous growth.


  • Raise the cutting height of your mower- taller grass cools the roots and helps keep moisture in the soil longer.


  • Keep weeds pulled before they flower and seed
  • Over seed to give an old lawn new life


  • Continue to fertilize flowering pond plants monthly with pond tabs for lush growth and additional blossoms this summer.
  Happy Gardening!

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