April 18, 2013 Seeding Your Lawn

Dew on Green Grass


Now is the time to seed your lawns.  Over time, grass does get old and needs to be replaced. Worn-out lawns invite weeds. Reseeding is a fast, inexpensive way to help bring your lawn back to its lush, green, healthy self without tearing everything out and starting over.




Over Seeding an Existing Lawn:

  • Mow lower than usual.
  • Rake to thin the existing turf and clean out old dead grass.
  • Aerate to reduce soil compaction.
  • Amend with compost / add black earth to level.
  • Add starter fertilizer.
  • Apply seed.
  • Rake in loosely.
  • Top dress with peat moss and water in.  Keep moist!


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