Amending Gardens with Manure

SoilAmending Gardens With Cow / Sheep Manure 

 Now is the time to add manure to your garden beds.  Adding manure to your soil improves the soil quality by enriching the basic elements NPK in the soil.  Manure also contains large amounts of humus thus providing better tilth to clay soils, supplying food for soil flora and fauna, will aid in preserving moisture during dry spells and ensures good drainage during wet times.  Humus is also a storage for nitrogen in the soil- a bonus for our plants!
How Much Do I Need?
For every 100sq/ft of garden you have you will need 1- 33lb bag of composted manure.
How Do I Apply?
Manure can be added to the garden before planting- the top 2″ of soil can be tilled.  It can also be added to existing perennial beds to enrich the soil around the plants and shrubs.  You can also use it as a “Side-dressing” for vegetable rows.
Remember that manure needs to be added to enrich beds each year- the nutrients from previously added manure will eventually leach out- therefore it is important to amend your beds each year.   Happy Gardening!