How to Make a Gorgeous Christmas Urn Arrangement

How to make a Christmas urn:

Its the time of year to make some gorgeous outdoor arrangements with live greens. This simple arrangement is very easy to make and its price range is decided by how many accents you would like to use in it. All of the greens listed below are available individually or in urn kits at Westland, also we have a HUGE selection of accents that will bring your arrangement to the next level.

You can either make your urn balanced on all sides, or one sided and have all the accents facing in one direction. One major advantage to a one-sided urn is that you will use less materials.

You will begin by filling your urn or urn insert with sand or floral foam. This will help keep your branches and boughs fresh throughout the season. To begin assembling the arrangement, select the longest and largest of your boughs. You will want them to be roughly the same length to keep everything balanced, so you may have to trim a few back. Once you have circled the base of the urn or insert with cedar, fir, eucalyptus and white pine (or whatever combination of boughs you like) it is time to begin adding the accents. Remember, if there is something you would like to highlight in the arrangement (example: a bow), it is best to add it now and have your other accents and boughs frame the object to be highlighted. Now the fun begins! Add the rest of your accents, you can place them however you like! Once your accents have been placed, use the remaining boughs to frame your accents. If you are doing a one sided arrangement, you would stick them straight up to have the “greens” circling your gorgeous accents and highlight, if you are doing a balanced urn, simply stick the boughs in the arrangement to bring the same colours and textures from the base of the arrangement to the top.

Accents Examples:

magnolia stems

red dyed strobus cones

red dyed nut

spray of outdoor Christmas balls

red twig dogwood


Boughs Examples:

white pine