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Zenature All Natural Incense!


We carry a top selling natural incense  made using traditional techniques. The ancient Masala method of making incense uses only natural essential oils, flowers, spices, aromatic herbs, natural resins and other aromatic substances blended into a paste which is then hand-rolled onto a bamboo stick or filled into cone moulds to dry. It is beautifully packaged using handmade paper and individually decorated with dried flowers and leaves. We carry 12 naturally blended scents!!




  • Medimix has been clinically proven to be effective against many skin conditions
  • Helps to prevent spots, prickly heat and dandruff and is an effective antiseptic. Medimix beautifies the skin and hair.
  • Its rich lather is enriched with the extracts of 18 potent herbs.
  • Product of India


Zenature Essential Oils

Restore balance to body, mind and spirit with pure, natural essential oils. The aromatic properties of oils extracted from petals, seeds. leaves, roots, fruits and bark can stimulate natural immune defence and healing. For a relaxing and re-energizing experience, use these oils in an air diffuser, add them to a carrier oil for massage or try them in the bath. Only a small amount of these concentrated oils are needed to calm nerves and boost energy!!

Oils in stock now:

Lavender, Bergamont, Eucalyptus, Patchouli, Peppermint, Rosemary, Tea Tree, Ylang Ylang and Vanilla!

Pamphlets about how to use these oils are available in the store!!