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The Benefits of Cat Grass

Remember, Cat Grass is not just for Cats. Dogs, guinea pigs, rabbits, gerbils and other animals that enjoy snacking on grass will enjoy the benefits too!

Cat or “Pet” Grass Has So Many Benefits! Dew on Green Grass

  • Provides essential vitamins and folic acids
  • Aids in digestion by increasing roughage
  • Assists in removing hairballs
  • Deters cats from eating your houseplants
  • Satisfies your cats natural craving for grass
  • Chlorophyll helps freshen breath
  • Added flax for a healthy shiny coat

Westland’s Native Wildflower and Native Tall Grass Seed Mixes

With the local devastation that was caused by the Tornado in 2014 we thought it would be great to offer a line of Native Wildflower and Native Grassy Meadow Mixes.

New England Aster      blackeyed Susan

These mixes are blends that were picked specifically for our region, our soils and our climate. Wildflower and grass mixes are best applied in the early spring or late fall, long before you begin with potted perennials, trees and shrubs. Wildflowers and grass mixes benefit from being spread in March/April because: 1) The cool nights help trigger the seeds dormancy requirements 2) The seeds are dispersed while the spring thaw is still occuring making sure there is ample water available for germination 3) All weed seeds were distributed in the fall and throughout the winter, so it gives the wildflowers a competitive chance. To read more about our specific seed mixes, click on the .pdfs below.

Westland’s Native Wildflower Mix 2015

Westland’s Native Grass Mixes 2015

If you would like a complete Species List of these mixes read the following documents.

Westland’s Cottage Country Mix 2015

Westland’s Custom Meadow Mix 2015

Westland’s Tall Grass Mix 2015

Westlands Wildlife Food and Shelter 2015

If you have any additional questions email, call and ask for Jessica at 519-238-1321 or ask us on Facebook!

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