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How to Care for Your Citrus Tree

Citrus trees are amazing houseplants in the winter and patio plants in the summer. A few easy care tips and you will be on your way to producing your very own citrus!


In the summer time you will want to place your Citrus tree in the brightest location on the patio as possible. To have vigourous growth, and therefore a large fruit production, you will want to have at least 6 hours of direct sunlight on the patio.

In the winter time you will bring your lovely Citrus tree inside. A bright, South facing window is ideal but a bright West or East facing window will provide sufficient light for your Citrus tree.


Citrus trees enjoy acidic soil. I highly recommend using a fertilizer for acid loving plants; this fertilizer is pH adjusted so that you feed and modify your soil at the same time! I always like to use the rule of applying only 25% of the prescribed amount of fertilizer when a plants blooms are budding.


A good soil is highly recommended when transplanting your citrus. You will find many different kinds and prices of soil available on the market. When purchasing soil – you get what you pay for. So if you are debating between a $2.00 bag and a $7.00 bag (that are of equal size) go with the more expensive bag, your plant will love you for it! This is important because you will not be transplanting your citrus tree regularly, so you want to do it right the first time. Also, it is recommended to have 1 part coarse sand to 3 parts good soil when planting. The coarse sand will ensure your soil remains fluffy while your tree grows and grows.