How to Grow Gorgeous Grass

How to Grow Gorgeous Grass


Here in Grand Bend we have lovely weather and great beaches. But with this combination it also means we struggle with keeping our lawns looking great all season. All that sun and the sand makes it a tough life for our grasses. But if you use the following care steps you can keep your lawn the envy of the neighbourhood!

First we will go through establishing a new lawn. If your lawn has already been seeded and is growing, refer to the “Keeping your Lawn Gorgeous” below.

Establishing a New Luxurious Lawn

1. Prepare fine a seedbed by breaking up and working the soil. Ensure you have a minimum of 10 cm of good topsoil.
2. Rake thoroughly to remove stones and other debris.
3. Apply a starter fertilizer before seeding. This helps the seed to develop faster and grow into a thicker, healthier lawn.
4. Apply your lawn seed with a spreader. Spreading by hand is not recommended as it is difficult to achieve even coverage.
5. When seeding, divide your seed into two equal amounts and apply one half in one direction and one half in the opposite direction to ensure even application.
6. After applying the seed, lightly rake the soil surface to ensure good seed to soil contact. Avoid burying the seed too deeply. If the seed is planted too deep, it may fail to emerge. A planting depth of 2mm (1/16 inches) is ideal.
7. Keep the seeded area moist with frequent, light watering until the seed is established. Overwatering is not good for the germination of your grass seed.
8. Seed germinates best when soil temperatures are above 17 C. For best results, apply in early to mid spring, late summer or early fall.

How to Keep you Lawn Gorgeous all Season Long

If you live on land that has no topsoil (sandy or heavy clay) you will want to chose a fertilizer that is high in organic matter. A fertilizer that is high in organic matter is imperative for lawns with no topsoil, but is beneficial to all lawns. It may be hard to figure out how much fertilizer to apply with so many brands available, but if you talk to your garden centre representative they should be happy to help you! Our special blend at Westland will cover 6200 square feet. You will want to choose a fertilizer that is specific for lawns with that is high in nitrogen and potassium (14-3-13) and has minor amounts of phosphorous (Quick reminder: the first number is Nitrogen, the second number is Phosphorous, and the third number is Potassium on all fertilizer packages). Most lawns should be fertilized 3 times per year, but here in Grand Bend with our harsh soil conditions it is recommended to fertilize 4 times per summer.

After you have applied your fertilizer, water your lawn well. This will ensure that the product is taken up by the plants, and also that it does not blow away after your fertilize.

Happy Gardening!

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